2-wheeler/4-wheeler insurance

Vehicle insurance or motor insurance is defined as insurance policy which safeguards you financially in case your vehicle (car/two-wheeler) sustains damages due to an accident, fire, or self-ignition, earthquake, flood, lightning, burglary or theft, strikes, riots importantly.

At mobisafar, we offer our customers various options of best insurance products with least pricings and options of companies empanelled options such as Bajaj general insurance co ltd, HDFC ergo general insurance company ltd, Go-digit general insurance company ltd to choose for 2-Wheeler/4 Wheeler insurance

Commercial vehicle Insurance:

A Commercial vehicle insurance policy safeguards insured financially for damages and losses caused to commercial vehicle and the respective owner-driver sustains damages due to an accident, fire, or self-ignition, earthquake, flood, lightning, burglary or theft, strikes, riots importantly.

We at Mobisafar cater to all kind of commercial vehicles with preferred segment such as small commercial vehicles, Pickups, School buses, ola-uber taxis, tractors, three wheelers and other misclamious vehicles etc.

Benefits of motor insurance

  • Reduces financial stress and liability of insured.
  • Insurance company is liable to pay for Damage or loss to insured vehicle under policy agreement.
  • Pays for body injuries, medical bills and hospitalization of insured.
  • Third party liabilities: It covers damage or loss to the property of any third parties, any bodily injury or death of a third party.
  • Personal accident cover: This coverage protects against Death or permanent disability due to an accident. Family receives compensation of upto 15 lacs in the event of death of insured.

The importance of health insurance

The current COVID-19 pandemic scenario has made entire world bend on knees and we all realised that the health and medical emergencies are unforeseen and can create and big financial crunch which can be hard to manage in running covid times.

With rising cost of medical expense, now People have started realising value of having a good health insurance plan for themselves and their families. Therefore, getting a health insurance cover for yourself and your family with added protections in all health scenarios.

More reasons to buy Health Insurance

  • Financial protection of self and family from various health emergencies.
  • To Safeguard from medical inflation
  • insurance products which could serve all corners of society with affordable pricings.

Product offered

Group Secure Shield Plan: 3 in one policy

Group Secure Shield Plan is one of the unique health products in market with three insurance coverages in oneSingle plan and very affordable pricing.

Group Secure Shield Plan coverages includes, Covid 19 Secure coverage, Critical illness coverage and Personal accident protect coverage

Group Secure Shield Plan is widely appreciated health product in current covid-19 and critical illness situation.

Hospital Cash Insurance

Now a days Hospital Cash Insurance Policy act as Blanket Cover for Extra Hospital Bills and additional protection and take care of your incidental expenses such as travelling food etc. which are not covered under your Health Insurance Policy in an event of Hospitalization.


In a hospital cash insurance policy, the insured is provided with fix amount per day for each day until the policyholder is hospitalized with agreed deductibles. This amount is pre-determined at the time of policy purchase and is fixed.

Coverage details:

Hospital Cash upto ₹ 10000 Per day which is highest in market.

With highest suminsured of per day limit offered in market, now customers can not only cover incidental expenses but they can utilize the per day limit amount in in-hospitalization as well.

Accident Insurance

In personal accident cover is defined as an insurance coverage policy where an insured gets financial help in case of disability caused due to an accident and lump sum amount to the nominee of the policyholder in case of death of insured.

Road accident data in India 1.20 lakh deaths due to negligence in road accidents in 2020, average 328 daily, says NCRB data. As many as 3.92 lakh lives have been lost in three years in deaths due to negligence related to road accidents, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) revealed in its annual 'Crime India' report for 2020.

Since we are committed for masses with lowest income group, we at Mobisafar we have fantastic and most affordable personal accident product range starts from 49 Rs inclusive of taxes only.

Coverage Details:

Our Comprehensive plans are with coverages of Accidental Death coverage, Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) coverage, Permanent Partial Disablement (PPD) coverage, Education fund coverage for children and Accidental hospitalization hospitalisation

Mobisafar offers Lowest Personal accident insurance Premium in market to our customers with focus of covering all genre of people in society.

Our group personal accidental premium starts from one of the lowest offered personal accidental premium in market with 49 Rs inclusive of taxes only.

Road side Assistance

Roadside assistance, also known as breakdown cover, is a service designed to help you get going again in situations such as vehicle breaks down, out of petrol fuel, misplaced your vehicle keys or locked them inside, Punctured tyre, Battery died, accidental damage etc. In other words, Roadside Assistance Coverage means a professional technician comes to your rescue when your car breaks down in the middle of the journey leaving you stranded.

Our service partner Global Assure holds its expertise in providing people convenience and quick support Road side assistance services and health and wellness assistance.

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Our Road Side Assistance plan features includes

Private Car plan features

  • Towing of Vehicle on accident
  • Tyre Change
  • Arrangement of spare keys
  • Battery Jump Start
  • Fuel dispatch( Paid basis)
  • Extraction or Removal of vehicle
  • Message relay to relatives/colleagues/emergency numbers
  • Hotel Accommodation

Two wheeler Car plan features

  • Towing of Vehicle on breakdown/accident
  • Alternate Battery or Jump Start
  • Tyre Change
  • Breakdown support
  • Arrangement of spare keys
  • Arrangement of fuel
  • Message relay to relatives/colleagues/emergency numbers and more

Doctor on Call

We all have faced medical emergency some time in our life, where we got confused as whom to approach or contact to get quick help. Health & Wellness Assistance is a medical emergency service and on call consultancy service provided by global assure to end customer who want to avail such services in panic situation and in any medical needs and queries are to be resolved in required time.

Health & Wellness Assistance coverages includes

  • Doctor on Call
  • Video Consultation
  • Second Medical Opinion
  • Diagnostic Test
  • 24*7 Assistance
  • Order Medicines
  • Live chats with doctors
  • consultation with doctors
  • video consultation and complete health solution package.

Take control and Secure plans for the health and wellness of you and your family.


Buying insurance safeguards, us financially and secure us to face any financial crunch due to any unforeseen event in our life. Insurance companies offers various insurance policies such as health, Motor vehicle, life and home etc to cover insured all the way.

Why Insurance is important in our life:

  • Financially Security and transfer of Risk in difficult times
  • Complete Protection and Peace of Mind
  • Some Types of Insurances are Mandatory, such as vehicle insurance.
  • We at mobisafar always strive to offer best and cost-effective insurance products to our customers. We have wide range of insurance products such as two-wheeler insurance, four-wheeler insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, health insurance, Personal accidental insurance, covid insurance, hospital cash insurance etc and adding best products on regular basis.

Why mobisafar

  • Instant policy with no paper work.
  • Buy most of the insurance coverages on single platform.
  • We have dedicated insurance team to assist insured at the time of sale and after sales.
  • We have most suitable policies which fulfills all insurance needs of insured in current times.
  • Get policy while saving on the premium costs and get the lowest premium in market.
  • Get complete assistance and guidance from a team of insurance experts in Mobisafar.
  • Quick claim settlement. Get support and assistance from our claim desk at the time of a claim get a quick settlement with our expertise.
  • Best price insurance available for all.

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